Printing Issue


I am using NAV 2009.

I was previously able to post and print the Cash Receipt Journal entries.

Now for some reason, it suddenly will only post and not print.

I tried to post and print it with someone else’s User ID and it printed just fine.

I am able to post and print other journals (ie, deposits).

I attempted to follow the instructions for specifying a printer selection for reports, but the Cash Receipt Journal does not appear as a Report ID selection to choose.

Where can I see behind the scenes what printer is mapped to the Cash Receipt Journal ?


Run Report 10019 G/L register from the object designer and see if there are any filters on the request page. I also struggled to resolve this issue for one of our client and it turned out that user had run this report separately and then left a filter in there on the request page. When you do a post and print and if there is a filter on the request page of report 10019 then it will not print when you do a post and print.

yes that has fixed it.
thanks !

To prevent this issue what I had done is make a copy of report 10019 into a 50000 range and do not put this report 50000 in role center such that no user has access to this report and then on the Gen. Journal template table where it says posting report id change it from 10019 to 50000, this way no user will run report 50000 and when you do a post and print it will always print the report.