Post and Print

I have encountered something I find very strange at one of my clients. When attempting to Post & Print from the General Journal, the batch posts, but nothing is printed. My client swears that it used to work and then one day “just quit working.” Not truly believing that she was doing everything correctly, I reviewed it myself. Here are the details: 1) She can post and print from all other journals. 2) Using a different workstation, a different user can post and print from the General Journal. (I didn’t test whether her user could P&P from another workstation) 3) Logged in as a different user on her workstation - I can still not post and print from the General Journal. 4) I verified that there are no Printer Selections setup (although she did try to play around with the printer selections area at one time, but we’ve since deleted anything that was in this table.) I immediately thought it had to be something with her printer, then her user, but I’m really not sure what’s going on at this point. Any ideas? Thanks! Alyssa

What happens if You delete the zup-file?

Deleting the ZUP file should fix it. What I have seen cause this is that the user prints the G/L Register Report from the G/L Menu/Reports. When they print it, they put a filter on the report (Posting Date, etc.). This filter is saved and when they run post and print (using the same report), there are no records in their filter. This report should not be run from the Reports menu as then the filters are modified.

Then an alternative to deleting the zup is to run it from the report list without filters. It’s enough to preview it.

Is there a posting report ID set on the general journal template?

Just an idea, has the printer setup on her machine, got permissions against them?!? I would’ve thought an error message would come up, but I’m not positive. I assume the deletion of the zup file will work. Let us know.

Hi, Thanks for all your help! We were able to delete the ZUP file and it worked! I wasn’t able to check on the report filters in the report screen prior to deleting it however. I’ll remember that for next time. Alyssa