NAV 2009 Printing in Cash Receipts Journal

I am trying to post and print in the Cash Receipts Journal but it will not connect to the printer.

I can print to the same printer from any other session.

Where in NAV 2009 can I map a particular printer to a particular Journal ?

Here is a screen shot of the message I get.


Make sure that your HP printer is set as the default printer on this particular computer from where you are doing the post & print because when you do a post & print NAV looks for the default printer unless you have specified a particular report to print to a different print via Printer selection table. In this case since its a post & print this printer should be installed on the machine you are printing and also should be set as the default printer.

The HP printer is set as the default for this computer and it still won’t print the cash receipt journal.


Hi George,

Have you checked printer selection table as sbhatbng suggested you?

Viewing the error, it seems the way that system uses printers trough remote desktop, and in that case is required to use printer selection table to print to desired printer.

Ok, there is another way to troubleshoot this issue but this is possible only if you have a developer’s license. If you have a developers license the do the following.

  • Go to codeunit 232 Gen. Jnl. Post print
    In there you will see the code

//original code
IF GenJnlTemplate.“Posting Report ID” <> 0 THEN BEGIN
REPORT.RUN(GenJnlTemplate.“Posting Report ID”,FALSE,FALSE,GLReg);

//Modified code

What this will do is after posting the Cash receipt journal it will bring up the request page. In there you will click on Print and when you do that it will show you the printer name. This will tell you which printer its trying to use and based on that you can resolve this issue.