Network Printer Assignment

Hi, I am using Attain 3.60 w/SQL and having a problem getting reports to print out at specific networked printers in our office. I have setup the reports in the GL Printer Selections area, associated them to the printer(s) and have not assigned a User ID. (The property “UseSystemPrinter” on the reports is set to “No”) If I print the report, it works fine, but if another user prints it, it will go to their default printer. Am I missing something simple here? I have looked into this problem and keep finding that it seems to be set up correctly and should work. If anyone has any ideas on what might be causing this I would appreciate the help. Thanks

When you set up Navision printers, it requires that the EXACT name is specified. This means that “Hp 4” and “HP 4” are not the same printer. You need to make sure that everyprinter is names the sae on each workstation. Then to add complexity, there are subtle differences between WinNT and WinXP names, and of course Terminal Server and Citrix.

Hey David, Thanks for your quick reply. So, if I understand you correctly, then every workstation MUST have the printer installed? I have also noticed that if I set a printer up in the GL Printer Selections area it will look like this… "Printer1 On SERVER1;Ne3 But if another developer sets it up it will look like this "Printer1 On SERVER1;Ne2 (The Ne number being different) Would this be part of the problem? Because if I try to print the report after the other developer sets it up, it will then go to my local printer.

Ok, disregard my last post. I have installed the printers making sure that the names on all workstations are exactly the same and it seems to be working correctly. I believe that the problem I was referring to above was because of different Domains we were logging into. Thanks for you help David.

You’re welcome