Ledger Post & Print Dropping print command

I had a problem with a client on 2.01b where intermittantly, some of the clients on their network, when using a journal post and print function, the journal lines would post but the journal report would not print. There would be no error. I could go to the journal and manually print the report. We would ‘fix’ this by deleting the .zup file. I just had the problem occur on a 3.01b client. Does anyone know a better fix than deleting the .zup?

I have a client that is having this problem on multiple machines and randomly, version is 3.01b–anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Jeremy Grant

From Navision US/Canada Partner site: “Most of the posting reports also appear on the report menu. For example, the General Ledger posting report appears in the general ledger report menu as G/L Register. When the user printed this report from the menu, they set some filters. Those filters were not the ones that are overridden when the posting report is printed (i.e. not the register number). Therefore they are still kept. It turned out that when combined with the register that was just posted, the previously set filter excluded all of the lines that were posted. Therefore, nothing printed. To resolve the problem for a particular instance, that user must go into the report and remove the filters that were set. Just preview the report and then hit cancel (you can cancel before it actually shows anything). If it happens often that the same user is printing the report from the menu and posts and prints using this same report, consider making a separate copy of the report, one for use during post and print and one to appear on the menu. For documents, one would appear in the Report Selection and the other would be used when printing documents.” I think this is your solution. Regards, James

This is a known issue with 3.01b - it was fixed with a product improvement. In 3.01 B,without improvement 1, it never worked. Check out Navision’s website for more on this. Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions http://www.edtsolutions.com