Planning Worksheet

Problem on Planning Worksheet. When Production Forecast is defined for different dates, The Aggregate forecast quantity is not netted out with demand. Eg: Item: AB100 This is how the item is defined. Make to Stoke or Make to order Re-order Cycle = 1W Reordering policy = Any option other than blank. Reorder Qty = 10 Replenishment system = Prod. Order Routing = .1000 Production BOM No.1000 No locations --------------- Production Forecast Forecast Name = DailyForecast Type= Sales item Date Qty June 01 10 June 02 10 June 03 10 -------------- Manufacturing Setup : Forecast = DailyForecast MPS and MRP =YES Location = Blank ---------- Sales order Location = Blank Shipment Date = June 5th Qty = 20 -------- Planning Worksheet Functions > Regen > Item Filter = AB100 MPS & MRP =Yes Order Date = 05/01/04 Endig Date =06/30/04 Template = Req Worksheet Name = Default ---------- Problem: The Planning Worksheet show 2 lines 1st line is for the Forecast with Qty of 20 2nd line is for Sales order with qty of 25. This is a porblem . I have forecast for (10+10+10)= 30 before my sales order date which is on June 5th For a Quantity of 25. Why does the line on planning worksheet shows a Qty of 20 instead of Qty of 5 I am i missing something here Thanks

Hi Been I have set this up as descrtibed apart from one change. As I have location mandatory on in my database I used a location where you specified blank. Using 3.70 with a fixed reorder quantitiy and your settings I get two works orders. The first is for 20, fulfilling the sales order and the other is for 10 fulfilling the remaining forecast requirement. Any other settings you did not let us know? What version?