Production Forecast

I’m trying to work with production forecast functionality using production forecast work sheet. I have entered some quantities in the work sheet and run both net change/regenerative plans. But the forecast demand is not considered in the results. [I had verified the manufacturing setup window for the correct forecast name as well] Has someone tried and got the results? Please help me. Thanks in advance. Jay

Hi… Just check the Reordering Policy of Item. It should be Order. Tejas

Hi What version are you running? Can you also give an example, stating forecast qty and date, current stock and any sales or purchase orders. Also the reordering policy (Tejas it does not have to be Order) of the item and any applicable settings. But simply put yes many have tried and got results, the questions are usually about them!

Thank you Steven and Tejas! [:)] I’m working on Version 4.0. I got the forecast demand appeared in the planning work sheet. I had verified the item card for the reordering policy. It was blank and when i chose Lot-for-Lot, run the function again and got the results. [;)] Thanks for your immediate help again. Regards, Jay