Planning Worksheet - Scheduling

Hi All, When working with planning worksheet, there is strange way the planned production orders are scheduled in the planning worksheet lines. Version:3.70 I am using 4 levels of BOM. Using Capacity Constrained Resources on the 4 Work Centers. Each Routing has 1 work center. When Running “Regenerative Plan”, system beautifully creates lines, but when we check the planning lines for the scheduled(suggested) planned production orders, the starting time is on some day and the ending time is on some other day. Example:- If the actual Run time is 5 hours, then the system schedules the production order over a period of two or three days with 2 hours on one day and the remaining time on some other day wherever the capacity is available. Comments, Suggestions, Solutions, workarounds … etc acceptable ! [B)] Regards, Srinivas Shetty

Could you please give us the work centre and routing settings and how you have defined constrained capacity, then I might try to replicate it.

Just to let everyone know Srini and I worked on this outside the forum. With his settings I could indeed recreate the issue, and it was related the the constrained capacity. I could not replicate this in version 4.0, but unfortunately the customer is currently going live on version 3.70. This is a summary of the findings and thoughts I sent to Srini at the end of testing:


I believe an issue exists in 3.70 to do with the constrained capacity, I base this in the start times of ITEM A in your example. If I run it with constrained capacity on ITEM A as you have defined, but run it for the first three days, the first item for 01/02/05 has an end date of 01/02/05 at 23:59:59 (start date 01/02/05 at 08:58). The 2nd 9000 has an end date of 02/02/05 at 08:58 - note this is the start time of the first order, with a start date of 01/02/05 at 02:54. However the third order has an end date of 03/02/05 at 23:59:59 with a start date of 03/02/05 at 08:58. This means the start date of order is 24 hours after the proposed end date of the order before. If you then run it for four days the fourth order has a start date of 03/02/05 at 02:54, this is 2 hours and 55 minutes after the end date of the third order. The end date of the fourth order is then 04/02/05 at 08:58 and the 24 hour gap and 2 hours 55 gap then continues for each order.

If you remove the constraints it does work, but naturally from the perspective of the customer, in an unrealistic fashion. Srini has reported this through PartnerSource India but Navision India are failing to reproduce the error.