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I have a query relating to Production BOMs/routing and the planning worksheet. If i have two identical sales order for the same BOM, when running the planning WS two entries are correctly created. However when looking at the plannning start/end time the dates are exactly the same for both orders even though the same routings are being used and therefore the WC’s are at full capacity (actually over capcity) . Is there a a reason why BC does not stagger the start dates and end dates so they are not running as parallel but serial so If i then check the load against the WC’s the capacity is at its max rather than going over the allocated time allowed. It appears i could create unlimited orders and every production run would be running at the same time, which or course is not possible. What am i missing!. TIA. Andy.

For anyone interested, search for capacity constraints page and you can enter 100% max load against either work centre or machine centre.

The answer is Capacity Constrained Resources

One item to add to the discussion - the Planning Worksheet defaults to ‘Backward’ scheduling.
When you start using Constraint functionality it works best with ‘Forward’ scheduling.
For any of you have tried to use Constraint Work Centers and Machine Centers I suspect you have experience with Backward scheduling not working well with Constrained Centers.

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