Running Planning Work sheet

Does any one can help me to run Planing Work sheet in Manufacturing. Help me by giving step by step instruction to run Planing Work sheet

Hi Well its a two step process, select the functions button and select calculate regenerative plan (for the first time at least!). define an order date and ending date. Hey Presto the planning work sheet is populated. As a word of warning please try and ensure the following are correct; 1. Inventory Levels 2. BOM’s 3. Routings 4. Routing Timing 5. Requisition System 6. Requisition Method Code 7. Any variables pertaining to 6 & 7, i.e. Reorder Qty, Reorder Cycle, etc 8. Any other Item requirements 9. Anything I have omitted from this list! Should just about do it, after that you carry out the action messages, buy what you have to amnd make what you have to - its so simple really isn’t it Good Luck Steve