Scheduling in RPO

Hi ,

I F any body can help me , I would be very grateful .

As I am working on Released production order .

Of course I have defined the BOM and Routing

the starting time for the 1st RPO comes as I know from the MANUFACTURING SETTING UP → STARTING TIME → 8:00 am

When we have to make two RPOs released production orders at the same day for same items.

Let suppose I am finishing 1st production order at 12:00 am → I suppose to have the start time of the second production order 12:00 am automatically

But I am having always starting time 8:00 am at the 2nd production order .

Is this normal or suppose to have starting time as the ending time of the previous production order .

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi Jouhayna

Have you defined your work centre as a constrained capacity? My memory tells me if you do this then it will not be treated as infinite and will plan one after the other.


Thank you a lot . I 've tried … and it works perfectly …

Thank again Boss …