Picture box problem

Hi all! I have added picture box in all menu forms which displays company logo stored in company information table. It is positioned at left corner of all forms like the navision image positioned at right corner. Problem comes when i minimise the form,picture box overlaps the menu items (as menu items are more in modules such as Warehouse,Sales/receiv.)b`cause of which it is not possible to click those menu items.same doesnt happen even if image control lies over menu items still i can access menu buttons. what could be the solution for this? regards Rajesh

Hi Rajesh, Set the HorzGlue property as Left and VertGlue property as Top of Picture/Image control.

Hi Rajesh! thanks for reply but i have already done that, only difference is that the picture box is vertically aligned to bottom.but for no use.

Best solution for this nice morning - delete the image [:D]

Hi Rajesh, Select the picture box and click in Menu , .

Thanx a lot wolfgang…it works till now my thinking was that this option is only used during design time for setting properties of controls which are overlapping… regards, Rajesh