edit print layout

Hello experts!

I have a question about the object designer. I would like to add a picture box, which contains the company logo!

Can you please help me with some documentation or training videos, about how to edit print layout?

Thank you

If you are talking about ‘Dynamics NAV’ just look at the standard Sales and Purchase reports, the image is uploaded in ‘Company Information’, and then:

C/AL Global: CompanyInfo - record - ‘Company Information’

Code: Report - OnInitReport()

Copy or Add a PictureBox to your new Report with SourceExpr = CompanyInfo.Picture


Thank you David!

I will try it!

Hello David!

Thank you for your answer, I tried and it worked. thanks a lot

Just one thing, every time i need to modify something i have to modify the code as well? If i simply add a new field it wont work until i modify the code?

Sorry i am a beginner

Hi Otto,

No code required for standard fields in the report, the picture is not on the reports base table, so what you are doing is getting the record, as the pictiue is a blob field you have to use calcfields, this is the same when using a table variable flowfield.

I was self taught when I started with navision in1996, there were no tutorials and the best way I found was to find a report that done most of what I wanted, saved it as a new object number then worked on that, now on the home page there are a couple of books for learning Dynamics NAV.

You will get answers to development questions in the “Dynamics NAV” forum, rather than this one, I have a couple of tutorials on my website, they are quite high level but you can follow the code.



Hi David,

Thanks for the tip, I visited your site and said OMG :smiley:

I managed to made all the changes I wanted on the print layout, so its ok now

thanks again