Picture Problem

Hi, What im trying to do is show the company picture which is there in company information table in all main menu forms alongside navision logo. For that i have used picture box in all forms,and set its SourceExpr property as Picture,before this i set source table as Company information for all main menu forms. till this its ok but actual problem not problem as such but… when i click on right side menu of any module say G/L and using mouse try to scroll,the picture(company picture) disappears from picture box i think it happens bcause as i start scrolling, next record in Comp. info.(only one) table comes up… how to solve this problem…

Hi Rajesh, Have you used “Company Info”.CALCFIELD(“Company Info”.Picture)?

Hi Rajesh, Do not set Company Information as Source Table in all main menu forms. Use it as a Global, e.g. CompInfo, and set SourceExpr as CompInfo.Picture in the picture box. And in the OnOpenForm-Trigger of the menus you say: IF CompInfo.GET THEN __CompInfo.CALCFIELDS(Picture); This should do the work. Grretings, Frank

Hi, thanks… its working by both the methods. Regards, Rajesh[:)]