how about Compnay logo on each menu !!!!

Hi Tarek and friends, it is really a good question by Tarek.well… caption on main form is ok. but i got an idea too… no need to worry when u add a new company Mohammad !!! On all menus add an picture box and assign compinfo.picture as source expression.Two lines of code on OnOpenForm to calcfield the picture.U will really like this if ur logo is small and cute.unfortunately i cant attach a sample example… well… if u do like to see then just give me a message… Lakshmi Valluru

Sorry friends … this is a reply to Colors on forms iun a hurry… i pressed new topic… sorry… Lakshmi Valluru

Solutions are many with their own pros & cons. How best to provide the customer with what he’s asking w/out compromising on other things is a choice one has to make. Regards