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Installed NF 2.0 on new computer. Installed server version, not becuase computer is server, but needs to run in both single & multi user environ (run a test database and also main/live db) When I File Open Database and drill down to location on server, click OK get: Unable to open database as \Server\Navision\database.dbf is opend by other users Got a slightly different message one-time when I tried it. Can run test database (single-user) off hard drive of the computer fine. Did I mess something in network configuration? Do I “Connect to Server” first? Database runs fineof/from other stations Network is Windows NT 4.0 Know haven’t hit limit of users per license, first thing I checked.

Hello Michael, If other persons on your network are working with the database (server connection) and you want to open this database in single mode this won’t be possible, because the database is already in use by the server session and you won’t be able to open it exclusively for you. You need to establish a server connection with the database. If there are no active connections, then you will be able to open the database directly in single mode. Saludos Nils

Although multiple companies can be in a single database, only one set of objects can be active within that database. For that reason, if no other, you probably need to have your test objects located in a separate database. And then you could access that test database in single user mode. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

I guess I was not clear. I have no problem opening the single user database. I get the error/in-use message when I try to open the multi-user database. In other words the database that is giving me the trouble IS the multi-user database. I only mentioned the single-user database to be clear about what I installed where and how. Again, I and others can access the multi-user database simultaneously, up to the limits of our license from other machines, just not this new machine upon which I installed Navision Did I miss something in setting it up, installing Navision? Did I miss something in configuring network for computer?

More on this. Cause now I am at work. I tried connecting to server using every combo of name e.g Workgroup\ServerName, Mappeddriveletter:\ etc. get message that it can’t connect to server, so I should reboot client reboot server and check NetBios (error code 20) well server is running. Tried File Database Open, every combo of name, drilling down through all kinds of paths. If I go mappeddriveletter\navison\database.dbf then I get The diskette drive is not ready d:\company\navision\database.fdb Please check the diskette is in the drive, that the drive is closed and that it is not being used by another program. Well first off the mappeddriveletter is not d:\ (which in my case d:\ is my cd drive) I drilled down using mapped network drive letter, so I have no idea why it is refering to my cd. If I drill down networkneighborhood\Server\navision\database.fdb get the following mess: You cannot use the file \Server\navision\database.fdb because it is already in use. REMEMBER THIS IS THE MULTI-USER DATABASE. It should be in use, as I am typing this I am watching to people use it. If I try drilling down networkneighborhood\entire network\workgroup\server\navision\database.fdb get the 2nd message. Can’t duplicate in now but in one of many attempts got this mess: The operating system cannot find the drive and directory specifed for the file d:\company\navision\database1.fdb again thsi makes no sense because I didn’t drill down to my d:\ drive I drilled down as before, to the server So do I connect to server first the open. If so how to I specify the name of the server, I mean to I use mapped drive letter, the full path like nnh\workgroup\etc. with or without slashes, or just the name? If I don’t connect to server first then why won’t it open the database. IT IS A MULTI-USER DATABASE.

Did it. Turned out when I connect to server needed to do all capitals. Once I did that it connected than I could Opne Database new I was missing something simple.

Are you using NetBIOS as the connection protocol, and if so, why? Kind regards, Jan Hoek

Why not NetBIOS? It is much faster! As a protocol you do not even need to install a layer 4 driver. Everything happens on layer 3. So why NOT NetBIOS? Regards Walter

Wow!! Thnx to Michael for being very descriptive here. Is the license in Navision Server allows more than 1 client session? U may want to check with your Navision Partner. Hope this help.

I don’t think there’s any problem. It’s like having 2 versions of Navision running on same machine but installed on different drives/folders. But running 2 versions of Navision with same license file on same m/c may be questionable? *Heard that Navision has/or working on allowing multiple licenses to be used in same Server(SQL Server). i.e, you can have multiple Navision Databases each running on its own license unlike the present scenario. Any ideas? Regards

FYI, one server on one database. If you want to run 2 databases simultaneously over multiuser environment, I suggest that you have 2 Navision Server running.

Mohammad, Thats true. Attain 3.6 allows separate licenses for each database, on the SQL version.