Simultaneously users on nf 2.6

I’ve got this message on my navision when I run more than 9 users,… “Your program license does not permit more user to work simultaneously wait until another user has quit the program, contack your system manager if your want to allow more simultaneous user on your system”… The Files/Database/Information reports licens to 10 users!! The correct licensfile is the only licensfile on the server. Help needed. Thanks Lars

Hi, Please check how many session is open?You can find it in File->Database->Database Information->Current Session.Click on Drill Down button to see the details of connected user.

Hi Rajeshj In File->Database->Database Information->Current Session.I see 9 connected users. So I’ts a strange behavior Lars

Hi Lars, Please look into the File>Database>Information and look Current sessions and licensed seesions If u r licensed sessions are 9 then u need to contact ur lincese vendor. If your licensed versions are 10 then ensure all the users are loged out of navisoin then restart the server system. Jaganath Reddy

Hi Lars, Have you recently gone from 9 to 10 users (i.e. have you bought a new licence with 10 users to replace one with 9)? Very occasionally, in fact in 4 years of working with Navision, I have only had this happen once, the Navision server will ‘remember’ the old number of users from the old licence. To overcome this, I think the answer is to stop the service, enter into the startup parameters NoOfUsers=0 and restart the service. I am talking from memory, so you should double check the System Management manual.

It is a known problem that once Navision had an error, meaning that Files/Database/Information would show one more user than you actually purchased. So check again if you really purchased 10 users !

go to server directory. You need change session server parameter. at server directory, click server uninstallasservice click server sessions=100 click ESC and stock server click server installasservice click net start SERVERNAME Best regards from bcn.