error: database can't be used with program

Hello I’m trying to setup a test environment. First i installed the Navision Financials NT server. I used version NL 2.00. A, because we don’t use a newer version yet. For the database, i used a test version of our business database. For so far the server is up and running. After this, i installed the client. This is also version NL 2.00. A and they are both installed on my computer. When i try to connect with the client to the server using tcp, i get the following dutch error message witch i translated to English. “The database can’t be used with this version of the program” Is there a solution for this problem, so far as i know the database and the Navision software are the same version? Please help

Hi Simon, try to stop the server and open the database directly with the client. If then there is an error, perhaps the database is corrupt

Thanx iammicky, for your awnser. Opening the database directly with the client, gives the same error. So i have to find out, if the DB is corrupt. It’s stange beacause i used it with a client before.

You have to find out is the database realy the same version as the Client and Server.

Your “real” Business system is running Navision Financials NL2.00A client/server, correct? And you have installed locally on your computer the exact same versions of client and server? How have you copied the database from the live system? If you try to just copy the database file, it is possible that it ends up corrupted. The best way is to take a backup from the live system, create a new empty database locally and then restore into this. On your computer, do you have/had any other version of Navision installed?

Thank you all for the reply’s. Making a new database on my computer, connect it with the server and logon with the client works. Only the part of making a backup with the “real” system and restore it in the one i created, is to much work for one day. We have to shut down the system beacause of a lack of harddiskspace [:D] We only use two versions. 2.00.A and 2.01.A, so if there is a version conflict, it’s between those two. Is there a way to convert the database or resolve the problem an otherway? If the database is realy corrupt, then i will have to wait. Is it posible to backup just a part of the database from the “real” system? Just a couple of tables to keep the backup small en i still can do my testing.

If you take 2.00.A and open it the first time with a 2.01.A client, the client should ask for converting

It was indeed a version conflict. The database was 2.01 and my server was 2.00. I just copied the server.exe(2.01) from the “real” server to my computer and now everything is fine. Normally an install from cd-rom with the correct version is enough, but i don’t have this until next week.