Problem opening two local databases

One local database is opened in client 4.01, then I want to open another (also local) database with the same client. Error shows up:

‘This function cannot be executed while the database is being used by other users’

I ran into this problem years ago, but thought there’s a solution for it. Is there? I mean, besides connecting through a server [;)]

You copy the client folder and run the second instance of the NAV client from there. Go to program files, Microsoft Business Solutions, etc. until you run into a folder called ‘client’. Click on it, then hit copy and then paste. You will have a folder called ‘Copy of Client’. open that folder and find a file called ‘fin.exe’. Rightclick that file and select send to desktop/create a shortcut. Now you will be able to run two instances of the NAV client.

In short : With a certain “fin.exe”, you can at the same time open 1 local DB and multiple server DB’s.

So if you want to open multiple local DB’s, you have to put them in a service or copy the Navision-subdir like Denster wrote.

To avoid that problem, I have all the DB’s on my portable as a server (and all Cronus-DB’s I have as a SQL DB to avoid that I have to create a lot of services).

The reason is that Navision actually can only run in Client/Server mode, there is no “local” version. So when you start fin.exe and open a database directly, it launches the Server first, and connects to the database via the server, but does not expose it via TCP but uses an internal connection. This means that once you have opened a database you can open it again multiple times with the same instance of fin.exe. But you can’t open more than one database with one fin.exe, because even though you have launched a new instance of fin.exe, you are still calling the same instance of the server.

Theoretically this means that running local or via server should be identical, and thus makes for a much more reliable development environment.

Thanks guys, that helped!

Hi guys, I’m fairly new to Navision, and we’re using Nav 3.70 currently (moving to 4.0 in a few weeks time).

I believe you can also add the parameter: id=db1 and id=db2 into 2 shortcuts pointing towards the fin.exe file. This will allow for the same client file to be used exclusive to each other.


The ID-parameter is a parameter to define which .zup-file to use.

In the zup-file are written the filters/values the user puts on the different forms. The last companies opened by the user. Which columns to view in the tableboxes. And a lot of other changes by the user.