Navision 4.0 SP3 Client error on Vista Home Premium

Hello !

I have been merrily using Navision 4.0 SP3 client on my 20 computer network - a mix of XP Pro and Vista Machines. I recently acquired an Acer 5739G Notebook with Vista Home Premium.

While the client software installed without any errors, when i try to start it reports:

“Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Client Executable has Stopped working”. It does not suggest any solutions. I tried searching this site but could not find any help on this subject.

Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

R.S. Bhogal


Have you tried to reinstall the client? And first make sure that it really is NAV 4.0 SP3 (must have build no. 25143)

Hi Erik

Thanks for your inputs.

In fact I did try re-instaling the client many times. The same client has been installed from same source on my 20 odd computers running a mix of XP prof and Vista Business.

One difference on the new Vista Home Premium Notebook is that it has come pre-installed with MS Office 2007 60 days Free Trial Pack while none of my other machines has this combination of Vista + Office 2007.

I do have my old Notebook with XP Home + MS Office 2007 and it is running the same 4.0 SP3 client without a glitch.


R.S. Bhogal

And you also removed the client 100% first before reinstalling?


I Un-installed the software through control panel and then carried out install.


R.S. Bhogal

And you did confirm that the client you’re installing have build no. 25143?

The build available with default download on MS website for NAV 4.0 SP3 IN is 23305.

You can check the build :

a) Go to help-About Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision

b) Double click on the help screen

Oops ! Sorry to have missed that.

I checked properties of the fin.exe and it shows Build Number as 23305 on the “Failing Machine” and also on the working XP Pro Machines.

BUT, the Vista Machines running 4.0 SP3 Ok have a build number of 25143. So this proves that different versions have been installed on these machines.

What I now did was to copy the Client folder from “Program Files” folder of Ok Vista Machine and copied it to the Client folder of the New Notebook and VOILA !

It started working. Thus I should acquire the 25143 build as well. I hope to find it on MS Sites

Erik, I can never Thank You enough for your timely help. Thank You !

Best regards

R.S. Bhogal

Hi Bhogal,

I’m happy to have been able to help you. In fact you can also check the latest build numbers on Waldo’s Blog here on DUG.

Do you know where I can download this build? I installed Nav 4 SP3 build 23305 and it won’t run on Win2K8 with SQL2K8. It was running fine on W2K3 with SQL2K5. But that server crashed and I am pretty desperate looking for this “miracle” build that should run on my new server. Thanks!

Ok, finally got my hands on build 23305 and indeed works like a charm on Windows Server 2008.