SP3 does not work on Vista

Hi Nav 4.0 SP3 does not work on Vista. Neither the native or SQL versions will work and give an error about text no. 46-100 does not exist in the .stx file. You even get this error if you have a working copy on win XP and just copy the directory to vista. This is a different error than previous versions of Nav 4.0 where the native versions worked ok and the SQL version gave an error about the ODBC driver. The official line from Microsoft is that a working version of Navision will be produced within three months of Vista’s release. Paul Baxter

Isn’t that just beautiful? [:O]

One should have thought that the guys in Vedbæk in Denmark whould have tested that before releasing a new service pack!!!

I can just hear now the questions that we MVPs are going to be asked at Convergence at the Ask The Experts Booths [:$]

If your interested, there is a work around for using Nav 4.0 SP2 SQL:


Yes I can just see the customers face when you say

to run Dynamics Nav on Vista you first have to edit a dll file in the system32 directory with a binary editor.

I think that will go down well???

Paul Baxter

As much as I think it is embarassing that a new softwre release doesn’t even install, in all fairness to MSFT… Vista has not even been released yet, so there really is no compelling reason to make it work on that OS.

Hi Daniel,

… toatlay agree with your comment, but … the reply from Microsotf that they will provide a solution 3 months after the official release of Vista is somewhat a different matter.

Memories about 4.0 SQL beta test on 2005, even though they wrote it for SQL 2000. Once the final release of SQL 2005 came in, Navision has so many bugs.

Also reminds me of the following:
I got my daughter a cell phone just last week, the latest version WHITE CHOCOLATE version phone. New to the market, They are promoting it like crazy. (Yes WHITE, not the black). Cost total is about $500 with adapters, memory card etc.
Well, I configured it and tried to transfer the WMA files to the cellphone, finally gave up. I called Verizon. I told them my Windows XP SP2, Windows Media 11 (Latest Service packs etc). Is not working with their latest newest Windows friendly cell phone they state.

Well it will not work with Windows Media 9, nor Windows latest Media 11. Only version 10. The tec person states, they tried in the past few weeks from many customers and no luck. You can’t uninstall 11 and go back to 10. They suggested buy another computer for downloads and transfers or format the machine and don’t install the latest service packs.

Well its Microsoft and navision and Verizon and etc…

We must byte the bullet and tell these thinkers to beta test versions of windows. (But, I’m sure their CD will state: CERTIFIED UNDER WINDOWS XP, SP1 and SP2 Only!)