The Outlook Client Integration

Can somebody help me out on this issue: I was working on the Outlook Client Integration but a message kept appearing - “Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision Client executable has stopped working” -at the point of browsing to select folders created earlier in the Outlook. Currently, i installed two versions of Navision on my system - 5 & 4. Actually, i encountered this problem while working with 4.0 version. My Operating System is Windows Vista Business. Just learning about the software but a task has been assigned to do. Thanks

Have you searched Microsoft partnersource for a hotfix?

Thanks Maia for your response. I was able to check the partnersource as recommended. The list is many. Which one do you think would be best for me? Please expansiate more on this “hotfix”. Have u encountered the same problems? i have both 4.0 and 5.0 on my system running on Windows Vista Business Edition. Thanks. Still banking strongly on your timely and quick response.


You have to try several hotfixes until you reach one that fits you. You could also contact MS support to help you.


I’m having the same problem with a NA 4.00 SP3 database. Were you able to find the answer? Hope to hear from you.

Kind Regards, Sven