Navision 2.60 Client on Windows Vista?

Is it possible to run Navision 2.60 Client on Windows Vista. I tryed “Compatibility mode” but it won’t work.



It is not possible to use any version of Navision client on Vista!!!

Microsoft has officially said that they will release a version of Navision (4.0 SR4) that will run on vista within six month of the release of vista. Vista is released on 30th November so that mean they will be a version some time before July 2007.

As you can only use the very latest executables on Vista you have to upgrade all the clients that use your database to the latest version.

Paul Baxter

Hi Paul,

actually they said that within three monthsofthe releaseof Vista they will hae a Navision available for Vista. Also, I expect it will be sooner than 3 months. So expect the Vista release early in 2007

Second, though I prettymuch doubt that 2.60 will be releasd on Vista, I thinkthere is a good chance that 3.70 will be releasd. but it of course makes sense to runon the latest versionanyway.

Last and only version runnable under Vista is 4.00SP2 with update 1 (update 3 is not working) and just Native. SQL option is running just after one .dll hack (see my blog).

Do not forget that just last two versions are supported - it means now it is 3.70 and 4.0x. If there will be 5.0, it will be 5.0 and 4.0x. Vista compatibility patch is in testing, I hope that they will release it in much shorter time than 3 months. Of course, do not forget the localization process which can take more time and can shift the release date…

Hi, Only NAV 4.0 is supported. NAV 3.x is not supported anymore. Look Regards Gedas

A press release from Microsoft about Navision on Vista reproduced as is!!!

Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Windows Vista Compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3##### Last Modified 1/26/2007

Posted 1/25/2007

In September 2006, we communicated that Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV 4.0 would be Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 compatible within 3 months after general availability of these Microsoft releases.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 and Microsoft Office 2007 are compatible immediately. This means that customers running on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 can take advantage of Microsoft Office 2007 without upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3.

Expected Availability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 and Microsoft Windows Vista Compatibility – February 16.

We are pleased to announce the availability of a Platform Release for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 that will make Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista by February 16th.The Platform Release will enable Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 customers to run on Microsoft Windows Vista.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 is not compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista when installed from the released CDs or downloads available from PartnerSource.

To be able to run Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 on Microsoft Windows Vista you will need to install Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 and the platform roll-up update knowledge base article 931841

Installation Guidelines
You will need to make sure to have the following prerequisites in place before you can run Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 on Vista:

  1. Install Microsoft Windows Vista
  2. Install Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3
  3. Search and Replace the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 Platform files with the ones in the updated System Requirements

With this Platform Release the System Requirements has been updated too. You can find the updated System Requirements here

Okay, so has anybody got a download location yet or has this release been delayed? The KB article does not appear to exist yet either…


The download is on partner source and if you are a partner you should be able to find it here{AA3553B1-2E16-44BE-8909-BFAF07BDF70D}&NRORIGINALURL=/partnersource/downloads/servicepack/microsoftdynamicsnav40sp3.htm?printpage=false&NRCACHEHINT=Guest&printpage=false&wa=wsignin1.0

Paul Baxter


the page you have referred me to appears to be the SP3 download page. However, the bit that has me confused is the sentence

Search and Replace the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 Platform files with the ones in the updated System Requirements"

Does this mean the SP3 files on that page have been updated, or is there an update file that needs to be applied later. If so, I cannot see it on the SP3 download page…



Okay, so it appears you can only obtain this by asking support for it, which we did two days ago and still awaiting a response. Surely there will be a reasonable demand for this, so what could possibily be the reason that it is not available for general release/download? It appears it is treated as a hotfix which they want to monitor closely just in case there are problems with it.

When you get the fix from Navision it is not as easy to apply as it should be and you have to apply some undocumented switches to the startup paramaters of SQL2005???

Paul Baxter

This meaning that if somebody buys a new laptop now, has to “downgrade” it to XP Pro in order to be able to work on any Navision version? [:’(]

Maybe you can run it on a Virtual PC? [;)]

A lot of gamers are the same situation. A lot of Windows games doesn’t run on Vista.

My suggestion is: Wait until SP1! Maybe then it works!