Nav Upgrade

I have situation in which i have to upgrade a database from Nav 3.1 to Nav 3.7. Not only this, the database in 3.7 will not be a new database , it will be a customized one. So the question is can i merged Nav 3.1 customized database to Nav 3.1 customized database? If yes then what are procedures?

Find the upgrade-toolkit on the 3.70 Product-CD, and follow the manual.

I guess you mean that you want to upgrade a modified 3.10 database too 3.70?

To do this you must use the upgrade tool kit. The first question to ask would be why you are taking this path, since it would be much better to upgrade to a supported version of Navision like 4.00SP3 or wait for the upgrade tools for 5.00? Is it because you are not on support?

I want to upgrade modified 3.1 to modified 3.7. This is customer requirement. Yes i know abt upgrade toolkit, but it is not mentioning anything abt upgrade from older modified to latest modified version. Just from older modified to new database. am i right?

  1. Upgrade to new 3.7, with all your old 3.1 mods

  2. then do requested additional modifications already in 3.7

IMHO otherwise you may easily loose trace of what & where should be modified and how to combine existing mods with new ones…