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Our Client wants to upgrade Nav 5(SP1) to Nav 9(SP1). They also wants to migrate all master data as well as historical data. I also raised support incidence on microsoft. Micrsoft suggest that there is a pdf and process in nav 9 software folder UPGRAD TOOLKITS. I go through it but the process mapped in pdf is very confusing for me. Please suggest any other document or process.

Thanks in Advance

Himanshu kumar

Hi Himanshu

Please check This link

Kindly make a back up of your old database before doing anything its important


Jerome Marshal.

Hi Himanshu,

I’m sure you don’t want to hear this and I don’t want to be rude or such…but if you’re not able to understand the upgrade-documentation then I strongly recommend not to try upgrading the database. The only solution in this case is to read the documentation again (and again) until you understand what it is about. The guide posted by Marshal is a good way to get a rough understanding on what an upgrade is about but it’s not enough to perform an upgrade with it - especially not when this is your first upgrade.

Regards Jan


Please tell me that what is the Compare and merge process.


Himanshu Kumar

Compare and merge process is used to find out what are customization has been done earlier. Lets take this as example.if you are going to convert 3.6 to 6.0 then you need to do the following comaparision

1.Need to compare fresh objects of 3.6 and modified objectes of 3.6

2.From the 1 step you can know what are the customization has been done

3.Now you have to compare 3.6 modifed objects and 6.0 fresh objects

4.from the step 3 you comes to know the customizations done in 3.6 is handled by lates version or not

If not then you have to reproduce that customization

This is compare and merge process.this process will be done by Developer tool the developer tool kit setep by step and migrate single table .you will comes to know what is exactly happening in this process.

If i have no customized object in nav5. I am just trying to migrate and upgrade the data from Cronous database(nav5) to Nav6.


Himanshu Kumar

so your problem is to just migrate only the the data to 2009?

before that chack there is any objects >49999 to 99999

  1. Make a back up of your old data base-----Must

  2. Install nav2009sp1 create a super user

  3. Create a new data base from Navision 2009sp1

  4. Restore the backup data base into newly created database

  5. Close navison 2009sp1

  6. Open Navison 2009sp1

Kindly don’t do this in live data base try this in your environement if you satisfied then try to convert the live database

Hi Marshal,

Thanks a lot for the steps. I have follow these stes. But as per your steps when i restore the old database backup in new database(Nav 2209 sp1) then new fields in table added in 2009sp1 and the coding at table lable will be also replace.


Himanshu Kumar

If you upgrade a non-customized database then the task of “Step 5. Import the new customized objects that you created in the compare and merge process.” is reduced to just importing all objects from a NAV 2009 Cronus database.