Upgrading from Nav 3.1 To Nav 4.0 sp1

Dear Experts,

How can i upgrade Nav 3.1 to Nav 4.0 sp1? Customer is already using Nav 3.1 with all the customizations. I want to upgrade every thing to Nav 4.0 sp1.

Please Help.

Imran, you may want to rethink this. sp1 is not a very good version, you should at least move to SP3. Also since 5.00 is released, why not go straight to that. Its about the same amount of work, and if you are upgrading, then I assume you are on support, so licensing should not be a problem. I assume you are now on 3.10, (there was some confusion between 3.01 and 3.10, and they are variously referred to as three oh one, three one, three ten, three one oh etc. so that last zero is quite important). I Only mention this because there are a lot of major issues involved in upgrading from 3.01, especially if you have manufacturing and/or lot numbers.

Thank you for your advice for the versions. I may think of upgrading to SP3 or 5.00. The current version is 3.10. But i want to know first how can i upgrade? what are the procedures?


basically the upgrade process is very similar no matter which versions you are going from to. Although going from a pre 3xx to a post 3xx version is a little more involved since there are differences in the DB structure, but that does not affect you.

The first step is a NAV technical upgrade, which means to upgrade the client Server executables to the latest version: a summary of the procesude can be found here : NAV technical upgrade

Step two is to upgrade the Business logic, i.e. the application objects: a summary fo that is here: NAV Database Upgrade

Now for the details there are a lot of posts on the forum that you can find at: Search for Upgrade

To get you started, take a look at these :






Hope this helps.