Upgradation of Navision Database


I am using “Navision 4” with no service pack & I want to upgrade the database to Navision 4(SP3). I want to know followings from masters :

a) Is it possible to upgrade the database directly from Navision 4 with no service pack to SP3 or I have to upgrade the SP1 then SP2 & finally SP3…???

b) What would be the status of Hot fixes which were released during the period from SP1 to SP3 ???

c) Is Nav(SP3) would take care of all the previous service pack ???

d) Is last Hot Fix would take care of all the previous HOT Fixes. ???

at present am feeling COLD, how to do all the above steps [:(]

would be extremly thankful for your guidence.

Hi Selco,

Well, the first thing to note is whether you have any custom development, if you do then you will need to look at merging the objects.

If you have no custom code then I am still not 100% sure if there are any table definition changes or data that would also need to be upgraded, it is possible, I am sure someone here has the answer to that.

My recommendation to you is to contact your VAR as they will know your database better than anyone else.

Nav is versatile in that it can be developed very easily and quickly, the disadvantage of this is the upgrade process.


hmmmmm definitely it doesn’t need to upgrade to SP2 first

you can directyly upgrade to SP3, like I did before…

anyone, i have another problem about upgrading navision database…

In 2008, my company will have 2 database…

1 using Nav 4 SP 1, and the other one will use Nav 4 SP 3

for your information , the users of these 2 databases are the same persons

let’s say database A using Nav 4 SP 1 and Database B using Nav 4 SP 3

I’m Afraid that they forgot or mistaken while opening database

like opening database A using Nav 4 SP 3 → Database Will be converted to Nav 4 SP 3

Do you have any idea how to block users, so they couldn;t convert database A to be Nav 4 SP 3?

thanx for the answer


Why don’t you do a technical upgrade, then it doesn’t matter.


technical upgrade??

what is it Tony?

here is an explanation of a technical upgrade.


Hey Stan,

Did you get all the info you need from David’s link?


2 parts to NAV - database objects (lets call it the applciation) and run-time components (lets call them the executables).

Technical upgrade is changing only the executables so tle or no change to user functionality.

Application upgrade must include technical upgrade and theer will be changes to user functionality.

Use the new executables (fin.exe or finsql.exe) to run the existing application objects.

Clear as mud?