Upgrade tool kit


I want to updgrade a navsion database from NAV lowest version to NAV 5p1, is any one can share advise which developer tool kit Im gonna use??? Any advise? Hoping for your reply.



I’ll suggest that you use the developer tool you have used before and you feel most comfortable with. It really depends on the project if you should take a full tool like the mergetool (www.mergetool.com) or the “official” NAV developer tool from Microsoft. All they really do is 1) Compare and document changes in the versions, 2) Suggest changes. That normally works fine for tables, dataports, xmlports and codeunits. But not so much for reports and forms. For reports and forms I normally do it manually, unless there are too many changes. I check what version is changed most, the new or the old, and then I transfer the changes.

But you also write that you need to upgrade from the lowest version. What is the lowest version in your world? Navision Financials 1.01? Or the DOS based character version?

Please notice that if you upgrade from the very old versions, then you cannot go directly. Also I don’t think that I even would do that. Especially not if the customers database had a lot of changes. My recommendations to my customers has always been that after 5-6 years then most businesses has changed so much, that they really need a new install. I mean you go over all the requirements. What they like and not like about the current version. Then I would upgrade only the major changes and start the rest from new.

But all this you can really read much more about in the How to upggrade Navision FAQ.


Thanks for the advise [Y] salamat :slight_smile: