Jobs: costs; Phase & Tasks, Inventory.

Hi ! I need some advice here: We’re using jobs and i’m not very familiar with that part: 1. Inventory and subcontracts are invoiced at cost plus (%) percentage and maximum price per project/customer. Labor is invoiced a fixed price per project/customer. Is it possible to calculate the price at cost plus for items and subcontracts on invoices and as the same time taking into account the maximum price in Nav4 without customisation?? I dont see anywork around, any idea? 2. we’re using routine and non routine tasks. So we plan to use 2 tables for that : Phases and tasks. But it looks like there is no link from the project to its specific tasks. Someone has an idea?? 3. Is it a bug or serialized products are tracked evrywhere at inbound and outbound journals and documents except in the job journal. . We want to use the job journal to account for inventory used for projects. Thanks for all your ideas.

Welcome to the job module in navision [:D] The job module is basicly a template for using jobs in navision, we have been working with this of many years, but never implemented without customisation or add-ons. So I think the answer to all questions is, yes; customisation is required. Sorry.

OK! I see. My question: I heard that there is an add on: Job manager that exists on the market. Do you think that we should buy that add on?? Or doing customisations? As far as i 'm concern the only customisations that I see now are those above. Maybe there will be more, i still analysing. So any idea on costs related to that Add On?? Thanks

Sorry, I do not know this add-on, I only know the products we use. The job module is very easy to modify and if the changes are small than there should be no problem. If you want to change something with the tracking of items I would reconsider because this is a very complicated thing. I guess you can only make a dicision if you have the full picture. That means customers requirements vs. software costs.

Job manager is from Before doing this, they were about th ebiggest NSC in Northern America, so have quite a bit of experience. The Add-Ons they do are generally simle and affordable. If you speak with Julia, tell her you found out about them on MBSOnline. [:D]

Thanks David!