Job Costing

We are using Navision 3.6 The Item card is not being updated with the cost of a finished product made from a mixture of components and sub-assemblies. We think that the cause of this is a production order for bulk sub-assemblies that has not been closed, even though we have sufficient qty on Inventory. We often place an order for say 50 from a supplier and then call them off as and when necessary. Is it correct to assume that this order will not be closed until the last item has been received and an Invoice posted on the Purchase Ledger? Secondly is there any way round this? Any help would be much appreciated regards Alastair

Hi Alastair The item costs are updated upon the matching of the purchase invoice, not receipt of the goods. To write a modification to update this cost upon receipt (which I presume would be your requirement) would be very big (I would guess). From an accounts perspective you could get these figures through with expected costing processing, but it depends upon your requirements and perspective as to what would suit you best.

The problem is that manufacturing has an odd way of estimating costs. It all fixes up when you adjust everything, but unitl then its a real mess, and expected cost postin does not help at all. For one client, I had to rewrite the cost calculation, so that they had somewhat realistic values on the G/L. It was a pretty simple and straight forward task. You just need to be clear what costs you are going to use as the estimated cost, prior to invoicing and adjusting. Alistar, if it is a problem, speak with your NSC, they will be able to handle it no problem.

Costing in the Manufacturing Environment has always been Backward in terms of navision. If you have the Expected cost posting feature setup although it is use ful for Purchase receipts but is very trouble some in the Manufacturing Environ. You have to wait till the order is finished to get the cost even if your costing method is Standard. We had to rewrite the costing module for one of our clients as well.