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I’m new to this forum, so hopefully I’ve posted this in the correct section - apologies, if not!

I am trying to ascertain a way in which we can asses the profit made on individual sales, by linking a sales invoice to a purchase invoice. I have tried searching the help function in Navision and tried searching various forums, but can not quite find what I am looking for (though from reading similar posts, I suspect what I am trying to achieve may not be possible).

The company that I am currently setting up in Navision organises site audits for clients, for compliance with safety regulations. The client is invoiced by my company, but the actual site audit is conducted by a subcontractor. The result is that my company generates an invoice to a client, the audit is then conducted. My company then recieves an invoice from the subcontractor. I would like to know if it is possible to link the purchase invoice which we recieve from the subcontractor to the sales invoice which we have already issued to the client so as to analyse the profit on each audit. This needs to be done for each audit carried out on an individual basis as there are no standard costs involved.

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered!



You can hit F9 on a document, like a Posted Sales Invoice, to view the Statistics. That will show you your prices, costs, profits, taxes, etc.

Hi Gary,

Sounds like you want to do Project Accounting, am I right?

In that case, do you have the Jobs module on your license?

Hi JTRM123,

I guess each sales invoice that we issue could be termed a project given that it has associated costs with it, but I don’t really think it’s that intricate.

We do have the jobs module, however having just had a look at it, I think I would need to set up a new job for each invoice that we issued as there are no standard costs involved and given the volume of invoices involved, I suspect that it would be quicker to just use a spreadhsheet. (though not having used this module previously I may be wrong)

Having spent the day searching for solutions, I think that our issue arrises from the fact that we are issuing a (sales) invoice to our client prior to recieveing our (purchase) invoice from our subcontractor, and it seems that Navision doesn’t handle this situation well.



From cases i known , the most common way is to assign [dimension] into each Sales orders, and it’s related cost and expenses during data entry.

Eg. setup a [Dimension] called [project] with value: project A, B C D E etc.

Then request each user to key in this dimension when related. eg. on related orders, on related expenses, cost of good sold. etc.

Then on [analysis view] / [acc schudule] / even in GL entries, will have this recorded, and easily access for project analysis. like all other Cost-Center / Cost-Accounting.

Oh… by the way… there’re functions about “SPECIAL ORDER” which actually link a PO - SO together.

  1. Open a Sales Order, fill in details

  2. Open a purchase order, use button :Order > Special > Get Sales Order

  3. Then post the PO.

  4. go back to SO, and post

This should able to link them up together .

(It is in standard NAV… but i learn how it works from customised solutions… it should work almost the same anyway)