Questions about Jobs in Nav4.

Hi all! I really need some infos here please. “I REALLY DONT HAVE HELP BASE ON NAVISION JOBS ACTUAL MODULE”[V] I’m implementing job module for one of our customer. I know that We have several modifications to do and he agrees to do that. But I have few quations before giving all modifications to our developpers here. 1. At what time , job ledger entries will be “closed” not “open”? 2. When I run for the first time the " calculate job wip value" if a mistake is done , how can I recalculate the wip?? is it possible? 3. same question for " calculate job recognition "? 4. What are the entries that we will have after posting wip and posting job recognition? 5. How can i set up all the acounts in the Job PG to distinguish among several type of inventory ( several Gl accounts for my inventory account) when posting WIP and Posting Recognition??? In fact what I need is a way to set up my job PG to be able to know what are my costs are if I am using inventory - consommables ( balance account 10000) , inventory - supplies ( bal account 11000) … Thanks for the help.

So guys! No ideas on that???

You could use a dimension, the same cost account would be hit but it could be analysed by the dimension value. Or when you post the wip the Job cost adjustment account which is defined by the general posting setup is posted to, so the produvct posting group on the item will determine which Job Cost Adjustment account (with the Business Posting Group) will be posted to. Could use the Job Cost Adjustment account to follow the different types of inventory. Hope this makes sense. Cheers Peter