Job Scheduler

Hi, I was trying to use Job Scheduler, which is available in the Service Management module of Navision. Even after setting what has been asked to, somehow I’m not getting the desired result (I have set a report to be run every 2 minutes) Help required … Regards, Girish

Maybe too obvious, but did you run the “Job Scheduler Management” Form and Started the Job Scheduler?

Yes, I did…

Which version are you using? Are there any error messages?

Go to Service Management menu, Periodic Activities, Job Scheduler Overview. I am willing to bet that the ‘Next Check Date’ and ‘Next Check Time’ fields are blank. The Job Scheduler for some reason that I don’t understand does not do anything unless these two fields have a value. Just enter the current date and time in them and start the job scheduler.

hi, im having the same problem :frowning: the scheduler seems “hit and miss” as to whether it will run). I have set jobs up which have run, and when it reaches the next run time, nothing happens. i have the scheduler checking for jobs every 300 secs, and have jobs currently set as run every 24hours. The next start times are filled in etc. The first night the jobs run, and then last night nothing happened. No error messages, and the next start time still has last night. I have changed the job run period any thing from 2 mins, and again, sometimes they run, sometimes they dont :frowning:

I think there is something funky in the timing of the form and the check times. If those miss eachother by a millisecond the job won’t run. Maybe changing the Job Scheduler to check every 10 minutes instead of 300. If there’s nothing to run it won’t run anything. If there are multiple jobs to run, it will run them one at a time until they have all run.