Problem about job scheduler


I was enable some job in job scheduler…but it doesn’t work at all…it seems never run.

Does there have any reason can cause this kind of problem? anyone have idea…?thank you.[*-)]

Did clicked in Start button in Job Scheduler Management Form ?

When you click in start you can close Navision client. Did you close it?


I couldn’t find a start button in my from. that form just has a general tab, there is a “log Scheduler action” check box and some of the field can fill in “shut down date”, “shut down time”, and "Interval check(sec.). Our system is 4.0P3 is it a bug? thank you for help.

Open form 6094 - Job Scheduler Management

:slight_smile: thank you …

it can work now, but some kind of weird, sometimes work sometimes doesn’t … is’t my problem or it always like that?

Sorry, but I can’r reproduce that problem.

thanks for help. :slight_smile:

e.g. there is a “starting time” and “ending time” for each scheduled job.

If we put have 1 minute interval between. What happen while job still runing and reach the “ending time”? The scheduled job would be terminate?