Time Scheduling in Navision

Dear All,

I hope all are fine. I am facing some problem regarding running an object , can be form,report etc, automatically depending on the user defined time. Let us say at 12am everyday, a process report should run automatically.

How can i achieve this? Where should i place my code?

Please help


You can use NAS or the Job Scheduler. Also there are external products that can handle it for you, which generally recquire a server scheduler and a setup script.

You will need to write a job scheduler yourself, if the customer does not have a license for the scheduler built in to Navision (don’t ask from which version on the scheduler is included).

I did it several times using a SI codeunit with an instance of the Navision timer firing every minute.

Then looking into a table if any job is overdue and run it.

You should not run the job directly but call another codeunit (using the return value).

Otherwise a job failing will stop the session and you might not be able to mark a certain job as having failed to process.

A really useful tool I have used can be found here:

Free download for testing and cheap to buy.

Essentially you would create a script (really simple) which logs on to Navision at the specified time, run the report and then log out.

the first time I used Macro Scheduler was when I was asked to provide several reports printed out each morning ready for the MD when he came in.

Worked a treat and did not need a user logged in.

Run it from the server of course.

Dear Mr Bradley,

I have downloaded the Macro Schedular. But could you please provide me with the script also. I dont know in what language i have to write the script and what to write.

Please help me. It is urgent one.


Ok i have learned to write the script just from the help coming with the software. Yes it is easy.

THank you very much.

I’m not sure of what I’m reading here…

I need too a “calendar” to work with Navision but the Macro Scheduler is an external application.

Is there any component to include in Navision, that I could setup each year with the holidays of my country to look up later?

Thanks [:)]

are you looking for a base calendar to be maintained in Navision (MS Dynamics NAV :))?

This would be under Administration - Application Setup - General - Base Calendar within Navision 4.x

You can’t imagine how much time you have saved me, I had started to do my own calendar and was really depressed jajajaja

Thank you Joerg !!

But then I would recommend to at least use the OnLine Help if you haven’t got proper training. There are several calendars mentioned: base, customized, holiday, machine center, shop, work center and working calendar.

I was not able to write the script which logs on in Navision runs a reports and logs out.

Please send me this simple script

Thank you!

Dear Mr Colin Bradley

Please send mne the simple script which logs on Navision runs a report and logs out.

I downloaded macro scheduler but I was not able to figure out the script for running a report in Navision

Thank you


I was surprised to get something on this topic.

It was back in 2007 when I last contributed.

I guess you now have the MacroScheduler downloaded as a demo version?

The demo may not have the scripting tools.

I tried recently to open Navision and then run a report but could not get it to open Navision.

I am now on a contract away from home so not able to look into this for the moment.

It may be worth trying to get hold of an earlier version that does not need a licence or find another product to do the job.

The problem I have is that the client is running an application that closes the Navision session if there has been no activity for 1/2 hour so using the internal timer may not be any good. I need to look into this or get some help from the users to firstly know if you can “keep the session open” in some way and then to kick off a number of reports.

The real problem is that you need to pass filters to the reports based on dates and so on. I suppose the starting form or report could hold that as variables.

I have never used the timer function so can’t help with that. I may get some more info but probably not for several weeks unless the client asks for it before.



You could also investigate the ExpandIT Launch Utility.

Hi Colin,

Thank you for the prompt answer.

Yes I have installed the MacroScheduler demo version and it has the scripting tool.

I just want to Open Navision and run a report (which does not take a long time) and after that log out Navision.

The report does not require any filtering done by the user. (it has filters inside it)

I’m using Navision 4.0.

Please provide me the simple scrip which just helps running a single report in Navision.

Thank you again.


Hi Colin,

I’m using the old Navision 4.0 - the menu has no keyboard shortcuts, and you can’t really depend on the menu starting with the same order. How do you get around this with the script from the Macro Scheduler? Please let me know. I need to run a function from the menu, say like, the update cost from the Financial Management - Inventory - Costing menu.

Thanks, if anyone else can help - much appreciated!


Why bother with the menu?

Just go directly to the object and run it.

That will be no problem for Macro Scheduler.