[Object Scheduler] - Is it really realible ?

there’s a Job Scheduler in the Service Management module which allows you to execute objects (jobs) I’ve various jobs configured there, often the fields “Last Date Checked” and "Last Time Checked"seems to have not been updated with the current date. ie : I’ve got a report which need to be runned every day at 5PM and I’ve got 27/02/2006 in the last “Last Date Check” (where it should have been today → 03/03/2006) Sometimes all the jobs are successfully executed (with no obvious reasons) and sometimes some jobs seems like they’ve not been executed (no errors are logged) Questions : Am I the only one who find the Standard Job Scheduler to be pretty unreliable ? Have you fixed any bugs or improved the job scheduler ? (If you’ve, do you mind sharing your code with the rest of us) Best Regards from France, Tarek Demiati

Tarek, We do not seem to have a problem with Job Scheduler, though you need to be careful with the setup. It runs the Adjust Cost Item report each day at 4am, and EDI imports every 10 minutes amongst others. The EDI import is subject, I believe, to deadlocking as it does fail on occasion. I don’t think that it updates the Last time and date if it fails, which may be your problem. We have amended Form 6094 in UpdateStatus so if there is an error it send an email to a group specified in the Job Scheduler set up. regards Richard

Richard, Thanks for your input : Questions : How many (active) jobs have you got set up in the Job Scheduler ? Which version of Navision/Dynamics NAV are you using ?

We have just 6 at present, with 3 running fairly frequently (between every 2 and 10 minutes) on 3.7