issues with creating copy of a company - Please help!

Dear All,

Our Navision system (2009 Classsic client -business essenitals) has got a few companies set up with a head office company and a few subsidary companies in different locations. We have got the license for development enviorment.

Now we want to create a new company in the system , which will merge the structure and set up of all head office and its subsidaries with no transaction data. I tried to create a new company and run Setup Checklist (i.e, Administration->General Setup->Setup Checklist then go to Function->Copy Data) and successfully copied the majorities of common information. However , I came across the following issues:

  1. I cannot copy the contact table from none of existing company: In each of the existing company , there is a contact list with over 10K of local contacts information. Some of them are duplicated in the way of linked to the same customer.I,e , a few contacts linked to single customer. And because of this reason , Navsion returned a error message when I tried to copy over the contact table as " Contact #### doesn’t exist". I have tried to delete the duplicated contact but couldn’t find the way to do it.

  2. Again with the contact list, as all subsidary have got contact list in their own regions and all the contact ID are numbered as CT + numbers. A lot of contact numbers in different regions are exactly same. Apparently, I cannot merge the same contact number in one company even if above problem solved. I want to find a way to export the contact list and add its region name as suffix to the ID, such as " AK CT100100" or " HM CT 100100" to differenciate the region. However, using the set up check list, I can only copy one company’s information. I even tried to export the table infomation and then import to the new company but the system doesn’t allow me to do that with a error message as " the table cannot be inported as it conflicts with the existing table.

Can someone in this forum help me with above issues please ?

I have been researching on line for two days but cannot find any clue. It will be very appricated if you can shed some lights!

Thank you.


did you also copy all customers? contacts refer customers. thats needed, when you want to copy them.