Contact No. 'CTXXXXX' does not exist.


I work in a small company, and to avoid a lot of extra costs we decided to make a new company in Navision ourselves.
Our company got split up into 2 entities. The first one we renamed and did all other things needed succesfully.

But now we created the new company, and we where copying the masterdate from the other copy as described in another topic on this forum, but we got stuck on the Contacts.
We succeeded in copying all other data, but everytime we want to copy the Contacts we get following message:

Contact No. ‘CT003684’ does not exist.

Anyone any idea about what could cause this problem? If i check the contact with that number in the other company all seems fine to me in comparison to other contacts…

If someone could help me solve this problem this would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

best regards,


Try to copy the contact table manually.