create a copy of a company with same setup & structure but no data

Need your help once again.
NAV 2009 R2
I have a database with 1 live Company and I want to create a new company at this database with the same setup, same structure, same Chart of Accounts etc. but with no data, no balances at all.
Any solutions?

Thanks in advance…

My suggestion is to create the test company and delete the transactional data included in it with this tool:


Thanks for the quick reply Daniele.

I ll try it and let you know.


That should be a good way to proceed but how do i know which tables to delete.

Is there a chance that you can list them for me?


Sorry, I don’t have such a list: you could start picking all the tables whose name ends with " Entry", contains “Posted” : it quite flaky (you need to add for instance all the posted documents tables) but I think it’s a good starting point.

Have you tried creating a new company then running Setup Checklist in classic client?

Administration->General Setup->Setup Checklist then go to Function->Copy Data… and select the company you want to get the initial data from. Once the company is selected, now select the tables that you would like to copy data from. You can select one at a time or select multiple at a time.

If you want to put in a separate database you would do just a Navision native backup of that new company with data and objects selected. Create the new DB with a client then restore that native backup all data that was created.

As always make a backup Native or SQL of the original DB. SQL being the faster way. An even better idea is backup then restore a second instance of the DB and try all these things. Leaving the Primary DB alone, since you will not need any real time transactions to go over.

Dynamics NAV 2009 R2- Classic window

Go to administration–>Application setup–>General–>Setup checklist–>Select all lines–>Function–> Copy data–>then select live company from "Copy from " window–>then press OK.

Now you are done!