Copy Data from companies into single company

Dear All,
I have a database in NAVISION that has 3 companies; I want to do the following:

  1. Copy the data into a new single company.
  2. Add a dimension Called Company and update the data.
  3. Some data are repeated through the three companies (ex: Customer No.), the data type of this field is code, if you suggest me to delete the repeated records I cannot do this because this record contains different data from the other and need to be exist in the new company
    Please can any one give me a solution or a suggestion to this case??
    Thank you all.

Since I don’t know why you are planning to do such a thing I will refrain from comment, but I must say I’m quite perplexed about the whole idea. [:)]

Anyway, let’s try to understand your problem - do you mean you have the same customer in all three companies with the same No. but different data in its card? I hope not, that doesn’t make much sense to me. But if so, you need to change the customer No. in the customer card before you do the merge…

If you have the same customer with different transactions - that makes more sense, but if this is the case I fail to see the problem.

May you, please, explain? [:)]

Ok… I will explain.Our big customer for my company has a database with 3 company, he needs to merge all these company data into one company.when I took a tour through the 3 company I saw the same key exist in the three companies but the other data is different for example:I have the customer No. AV-0001In the 1st company has Name: ALFIn the 2nd company has name: CablesIn the 3rd company has name: TradingSo in the new company I need all of the 3 records so what I can do in this case and the other cases???

So, there are different customers coded with the same code. This is just one of the problems you will face in this adventure. The same thing might happen with vendors, items, document nos…

For customers you may do somenthing like this:

assign a letter to each company, say A to the first company, B to the second company, C to the third one, then rename all the customer of the first companyso that the New code becomes ‘A’ + Old code, rename the customers of the second company so that New code becomes ‘B’ + Old code, and so on…

The OnRename trigger in the customer table will take care of the relations, but your life is going to be very hard in near future… [li]

Thank you very much