Inventory Dimensions are diabled on Item transfer journal, AX 2009

I am unable to set from and to inventory dimensions on Item transfer journal, Even the cost of item is getting calculated to zero. I am using standard costing for the item model grp and the active costing version has the cost defined for item.

Can some one kindly point me to possible reason of this problem.

Check the dimension group has the ability to update transfer dimensions.

Costs you need to check the dimensions and the cost definition in the version and the item card.

Thanks AdamRoue,

One attached question, can I change financial dimenstions also, at this time on transfer journal Im unable to specify Financial dimension on To side, though Im able to set Financial dimension on From side.

No it is not possible, not sure with the site activation link but I doubt it

Sharing what I have found, Financial dimension gets updated, if the link b/w site and financial dimension is present and transfer is b/w different sites. However update of financial dimension b/w warehouses of same site is not available.

Yes that would sound about right.