Inventory Transfer between dimensions

Dear friends, If I want to do inventory transfer to different dimension and is reflected in the Ledger Balance by Dimension, how to do this in axapta? Any body has experienced this? Example: I have warehouse A in Cost Center X, and I have warehouse B in Cost Center Y. Item M has inventory account = 12301 and cost price = 200. So, if I transfer item M from WH A to WH B, the balance by dimension for 12301 should change as per: Dr 12301 – Y = 200 Cr 12301 – X = 200. If I made customization in the inventory transfer journal to have the above journal posted during posting the inventory transfer, how will this affect the recalculation/closing process in standard axapta? This is my concern. This is a very common process, can any one share how it’s normally handle for this kind of transfer process? Any inputs are much appreciated. Thanks…

Hi, Use the Profit/Loss Journal. You will have to generate to journal lines, but you can specify individual dimensions on the lines. Regards, H. Jaeger Aston Business Solutions

Dear Yulia, The important point here is to understand the business process of the CLient. 1. Do the client have separate inventory closing, means do they close the inventory cost center wise or the total inventory is considered from all the cost centers. 2. While doing the transfer they add any cost to it and post it to different GL account, which is not applicable as per your remarks. You can customize the Inventory Transfer Journal to Capture the information from – to Dimensions, i.e. cost center, department and purpose, this will be used for reporting purpose only when you take an account statement dimension wise. Now the Inventory calculation , when run (Periodic-- Inventory closing and adjustment) will calculate the inventory as per standard axapta functionality. Mind it, that the dimensions are used to only differentiate the distribution, and the cost price will be same for that items in both the cost centers. Now here lies one question, is this process same as the clients or does the client has separate cost price for same item in different cost centers? Let me know about this case.