Problem in transfer journal in ax 2012

dear all

i’m new to ax 2012 and i face problem as following :-

i received qty 4 from items A with config size serial batch

b 5 - -

then i issued wrong as following:-

items A qty 4 config - size - serial batch

b 5 13 12

the result now i have two items , one with +4 and the other with -4

and supposed item A = 0

the problem is when i try to make transfer form positive qty for item A to negative qty for the same item

only negative QTY show on the on hand balance when i try to make transfer and error message show to me

4571.untitled.bmp (3.75 MB)

please i need your help to solve this matter

Any one can help me plz

As of my knowledge

  1. The transfer order is used for registering in the system the items that must be moved from one warehouse to another.

In this procedure you can vary only Storage dimensions like Site,Warehouse,Location,PalletId.

Here you might selecting an item which don’t have inventory with specified dimension.

2. Inventory adjustment Journal:

  • To transfer between stocking locations
  • To transfer between one variant to another variant
  • To transfer from one batch to another batch

So ensure that you are correctly selecting the item dimensions while doing the Transfer order.

Read this article about Transfer orders.

Thank you for your reply

i will check the adjustment journal


Though there is +ve and -ve, technically there is no stock at a site/warehouse level. So it will not allow you to do a transfer.

Can you let us know how the issue has been done?

BTW, the one you are using is a transfer journal and not the transfer order.

Title corrected.

Even it transfer journal,there is no solution for this problem

because i try inventory adjustment and didn’t work

still item show to me when i try to make any transfer on it by 0


It is already told that the transfer journal will not correct your issue.

You have done an issue with out receipt on specific dimension, in such case you need to create a receipt that probably matches your issue and do the issue with the correct dimensions.

You have not told how the original issue has been done?

it had been upload by administrator through data export module

OK, but what kind of transaction it is?

i make it from transfer journal , forgive me because I’m new to ax 2012

SO you did an issue with the wrong dimension and the issue is done by transfer journal??


If so why cannot you transfer it back.

If it is done through transfer journal, then what does this mean?

we upload sheet first data export , then this sheet show in transfer journal and then we make some amend like ths called finical dimension then i post the transfer journal

after that i discover this problem and big deal is the item when i try to make any kind form transfer it show me 0 balance

but in the stock in hand it show -4 and +4

why cannot to reverse the transfer journal, a new transfer journal with altered dimensions.

Then do another transfer journal with right dimensions.

That is just down to the dimension controls of the items and how you have configured the inventory model group to deal with negative inventory and the inventory dimension group to deal with physical stock. You can move stock you do not have if you configure AX to do it, but then you can put it back, your inventory warning was because you had not defined the dimensions required, even if in a transfer journal the answer is transfer batch 12 to batch 12.

the transfer didn’t accept form me any transfer related to this items because it show 0 in available physical

how can transfer from 0 qty to any batch or dimension

really thanks for your help

So where does the transferred qty gone?

I’m really don’t know