Transfer Order - No dimension options

Hi All ,

When it comes AX 2009 or Ax 2012 most of the documents and journals have the option to select the dimensions based on the nature of transactions.

But Transfer order form does not have option to select the dimension values based on the nature of transactions.

a) What is the logic behind ?

b) How i can select the dimension values in transfer order form ?( User have the dimension codes - Dept , Area , Cost centre , Purpose and these values are not constant it means every transfer order values will change )

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lally, my thought is that the reason why you can not select dimensions in this type of transaction, is because you are not consuming the item, you are just doing a transfer, moving it from one warehouse to another, so when you are actually consuming the item, you can properly assign the Dept-Area-Cost center that consumes the item.

Imagine you can select dimensions when doing the transfer, you select them, and when the item is going to be really consumed… it turns that other area was urgently requiring it, so in the current transaction, you change the dimensions again, so you do it twice, better to do it in the final transaction (the one that finally subtract the quantity from inventory).

Thanks Hector ,

Actual problem is We have configured 3 financial dimensions mandatory to BS and PL in AX 2012 . All dimensions are allowed.

I could able to post all transactions like - Purchase order / Sales order / Financial journals/ Inventory journals , where it has the option to select the dimension values.

Only when i am posting the transfer order then only the error throws , i did not find any option to select the financial dimensions in the Transfer order.

How could i over come this issue ?

Understand… I don’t know if this could be the best option, as you say, dimensions are not a constant… but if you are not going to do a customization for this, you could apply dimensions by default in the items (that could apply only for transfer purposes) like:

Dept= Transfer
Area= Transfer
Cost center= Transfer
Purpose= Transfer

Later when you are going to post the final transaction, you must change the dimensions accordingly, I don’t know from the financial module if you can avoid the user to keep those “dummy” dimensions through the rest of the transactions.

Thanks for your support Hector,

That is what i am saying that we dont have the option to select the dimensions in Transfer order , I did not understand where we can change in TO.

But the suggested solution does not work in the real business environment .

Any other solution is welcome ?

From my memory, i believe that indian localization has this feature where you can specify the Financial dimensions in the transfer order. If yours is indian localization check this out.

Any help from pioneers end ?

You have had some pioneers respond, and I responded to your post in the other forum.