Inventory Dimension disable for the Movement Journal

Hi All,

I am facing an weird issue with the Inventory dimensions (Site, Warehouse etc.,) in the Movement journal. When i create a new Journal lines in the movement journal, these Inventory dimensions are disabled.

In inventory parameters, the movement journal setups already enabled. And one more information, these dimensions are disabled only in the movement journal lines but all other journals like Transfer Journal etc., its working.

Any suggestions are welcomed.



And if in the lines you press inventory and dimension display what is set and what can you bring forward? Have you reset your users data usage?

Hi Adamroue,

I have already enabled (Save setup) the Dimension display in the under Inventory group. And also tried Usage data under tools → Options.

I see the issue in my Inventory movement journal.

Thanks and Regards,


Well if you have the dimensions set and the usage data cleared you next step is to get a developer involved to debug, because it is a non-standard issue.