Journal with To/Form for transfer movement with Dimension control

I am trying to find a journal that will allow me to transfer an item from one dimension (department) to another in a different warehouse but in the same site. does something like this exist?

I have looked at the standard transfer journal and its to Department dimension seems to default from the from department so i’m not sure if that will work. the screen itself will not allow the user to override the departmetn dimension so there may be some non-standard code getitng in the way.


The transfer journal will work for you from what you have said, try it in a test journal. Also check in the dimension group on the warehouse line you can amend. The warehouse. I do not have the system in front off me but if the department is non-editable is the site to dimension link activated? Failing that you will need to profit and loss it out and back in again

The Dimension link is not active ( Inventory Management > Setup > Posting > Dimension link ).

And I thought the transfer journal would work too. I’m just having problems with the financial dimension. I can’t seem to get the to and from financial dimensions to be different under any circumstance. I am going to see if there is some VAR code in the way that may be making the screen look or behave differently than expected.

Without the link my guess is the system wants you so process this through a secondary step, basically the general journal. I presume you cannot alter it in the edit dimension function on the item card (just inventory dim from memory)