How invoicing can be blocked through Quality Order wise using quarantine management??

I have configured quality management in item module group. Then I have created quality association on Purchase with document product receipt after and blocking on invoice. I Created purchase Order and make receipt but system do not created the quality order instead it messaged that quality order association should be configured on quarantine order. If I agree to AX 2012, it will not block invoice as association will be created on Quarantine order RAF and blocking of end…

Can any body assist me how my scenario can be configured. All my objective is to block invoice for creating or posting after quarantine is ended

“The quality orders cannot be created. The creation of quality orders is prevented by the existence of quarantine orders. Ensure that quality associations exist for the quarantine orders or create the quality orders manually.”

I think you had configured Quarantine management on the Item model group. So here you are using both quarantine management & quality order functionality. You can refer for more information on this.

that is not what i asked but thanks any ways…for more clarification read my question again. However I have reached to the conclusion that quality association cannot be created on both quarantine and purchase together for one quantity order…

Hi ,

Delete quality association and create new again it will work