Quality order from product receipt in PO


I’m using quality association to generate quality order when posting product receipt in PO. I’ve set up quality association as follows:

Document type = Product receipt

Execution = Before

Document blocking = Product receipt

Item sampling = 100% (All items in PO)

Acceptable quality level = 100%

In our case we want to receive only those items which have passed quality test. Lets say an item having quantity 20 is on PO, quality order is generated and 10 of them have passed the test, the other 10 have failed. I want to receive the 10 items which have passed.

Is it possible in AX 2012? Can anyone suggest how I can set up the quality association to achieve this?



You would process the quality order, then on the PO recieve the 10 through the receive now - where does this not work for you?

Hi Adam, thanks for your feedback. This cleared out the confusions which I had. I was concerned about the warning message which pops up in case the quality order is failed, but that is not much problem since document blocking gets removed when quality order is closed.

Hi all,

I have same quality association setup with alam, in my case when all item have failed, I can create product receipt journal without blocked. System only give me warning message “A quality order that is essential to the process is closed, but it failed to meet the minimum requirements.”

I want system blocking product receipt while open quality order or the item have failed.

Can anyone suggest how I can set up the quality association to achieve this?

You would need to modify/customise the system to achieve this, the check is whether a quality order exists, if you have tested it your processing takes over which you can side step, if you want no side step you need to modify/customise the system.

Hi Adam roue,

thanks for your suggestion, I will try to modify the system