Quality order from purchase orders

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I want to use the nice option to create quality orders from purchase orders so that items are quality controlled before put into stock.

I have set the the “Quality association” to “Purchase order” and “Group” to “Reception control” “Document type” to " Delivery note" and finaly the “Execution” to “Before”.

As soon as you try to update the purchase order by pressing “Posting” " Delivery note" the quality order is generated.

That is all fine, but the problem is that is the order hold several lines with the sane part number (or order part numbers with reception control) all quality orders are generated as soon as you press "Posting “Delivery note”.

In everyday buiness it is very normal to recieve the parts different dates. By this you now have all open quality orders on parts that you have not recieved yet. This also has the consequence that you have no way of telling whether the part has been recieved or not.

As quality orders is connected to the line and not the header I really do not understand why AX is doing this?

Do anyone have a solution to have only the quality orders generated for items recieved, and not all the order lines on the purchase order?

Please helt a frustrated QA Manager :slight_smile:


Hi Morten, I would suggest you to change in the Quality association, from ‘Delivery note’ to ‘Packing slip’. And try…

Did you think in use quarantine management with those items? So when they are received, they are authomatically put in a quarantine whse., a quarantine order is released with a quality order associated to it. As soon as the quality order is finished and the quarantine order is closed, the item is automatically put into its default wharehouse.

Let us know if this work for you


Hi there It is not posible to choose “Picking slip” The only other option is “Receipts list” I think Delivery note and packing slip is the same.

When using quarantine orders, the part also is put into quarantine when item is moved between stocks internally.

Also as the part is moved to quarantine stock, this confuses purchase department and planners.

It also seem to double as you have both quarantine orders and quality orders to do the same task.

Last but most important, I domnot want to have the part into my stock before they have been quality controlled. If the items are not ok, the invoice should not be payed witc happens automatically if the parts are recieved into stock. By doing the quality control before put into stock, I do not even need to do return orders in case of error.

Have you tried pushing it into quarantine and then doing the quality order from the quarantine order? Adds a layer but gets you better visibility probably.


My big issue with quarantine orders is that the part must be recieved into stock to do a quarantine order.

I do not want items in stock before they have been quality inspected by the quality order.

I am not a great fan of the quality offering due to many limitations, so I generally have to modify it, so I would recommend this, but before this do examine the booking it into stock route, you can book it in, but it is simple to un-receipt, it depends upon the working practice and controls in place. If you have it as after it does it for the line (but still the quantity ordered NOT the quantity received).

Hi again Morten, I tested it in my system and I can see the two options, Picking Slip and Receipt List. Let me do some testing, I’ll try to help you with this and let you know later.


Hi again all kind people

I have tested to put the set “Execution” to “After”

By doing this, the quality order is generated for the line only, but after posting the delivery note (and as Adam says, for the full quantity of the line, not only of the quantity recieved)

By this the item is going into stock, witch again is unwanted, as this should first happen when item has been approved.

I can see why quarantine orders could be the only solution, but I still have all this trouble with items going into quarantine when moved internally between stock locations.

Do anyone have know a setup so that quarantine orders is generated only when recieving purchase orders?

It do not do exactly what I would like as I still would have both quarantine order and quality order and also also still have to put the item into stock, but at least solve some troubles [:)]

Thx again everybody, I really appriciate your help!

I have created my own item for this testing. Item= A-QC1


I create a purchase order (0000035_069) for the item, 3 lines with the same item different quantities with different Delivery dates


The process of receiving the items is very important, in your company is you who receives the items? and how are the items being received?. There are some different ways of doing it, I’ll show you one of them. Lets assume that we are going to receive the first line of the purchase order, as per my understanding of your issue, the quality order was created for the 3 lines in your case, by following this process you’ll get one quality order for the first line and the quantity received.

In the lower section of the purchase order (lines section) go to Quantity tab, you’ll see the three lines, complete in the column RECEIVE NOW for the FIRST line only, with the quantity the supplier deliver to you, the original quantity was 5, lets assume you get only 3. Then go to Posting, Receipts list

In the next screen pay attention to the Quantity field saying RECEIVE NOW, this will make you receive just what you stated in the Receive now column, you will see in the tab Lines, that you have just one line with the three units.

After OK, you will receive the message that you already might be receiving, saying that the Quality order was created.


Lets check the quality order 00000005_080.


You can see that the order was created for item A-QC1, the quantity is one based on the Item sampling field, of the General tab, of the Quality association that in my case is a fixed quantty of 1.

The orders 00000003_080 and 00000004_080 were created with the same scenario, it was one purchase order with two different items with two different delivery dates for each item (so they are 4 lines), as I enter in RECEIVED NOW just for the two first delivery dates of the items, AX created two quality orders, one for each item. Lets see this order I mention, you will see exactly the detail, that the quality orders were created for the November-19 date that were received.

Every time you RECEIVE NOW a quantity, and post the Receipt list, AX will create the quality order.

Let me know if this resolve your issue. Best regards,


Hi again

When recieving orders in my company it is done by the following:

  1. Opening the purchase oder

  2. Typing in quantity recieved in quantity tab

  3. Posting delivery note with the settings “Recieve now”

Parts then go directly to stock location in the system.

It looks like the setting you have setup is with “Receiption list” and “Execution” set to “After”

As we do not use receiption list this can not be used.

But same thing will happen if you use “Delivery note” set to "Execution “After”

As the parts go directly to stock by recieving them, this means the parts now look available to be in stock, at location, and ready for use.

Correct the execution to After. In the following screen you will see that as only the Receipt list was posted, there is no Physical stock, just Ordered (purchase order).

If you try to post the Delivery note -physical update- (which I may have made a wrong translation to Picking list) you will get an error becouse the quality order is still open.


Once you validate the qualiity orders, you will be able to post the delivery note, which will also affect your physical inventory


So the problem could be with the ‘Stock model group’ of your item, it might have ‘Physical update’ depending upon the on the ‘Receipt list’. I thinks you can change this parameter to test.

As per all you mentioned, you would need to change it…

  1. The warehouse receive the product, the quality order is created

  2. You do the testing, approve/reject the quality order

  3. If approved, the warehouse could even receive an alarm with proper information and post the Delivery note (new process)

  4. Physical inventory available

Very useful post.