Quality Management


when i am creating purchase order, the quality order is not created but the items are moved to quarantine. Below is the error popping up when the product receipt is done:

“The quality orders cannot be created. The creation of quality orders is prevented by the existence of quarantine orders. Ensure that quality associations exist for the quarantine orders or create the quality orders manually.”

Can anyone help…



To create auto generated quality orders, we need to create quality association and relates to the business scenarios.
Please check if the quality associations are created and assigned appropriate business functionality.


Hi Narendra,

Thank for your reply…

I have created quality association and assigned it to the test group. But also the above error is popping up durning the product receipt.

Please let me know, if you can provide solutions…


Hi Rizwaan,

As per the message your product goes into quarantine automatically (configured in the Item Model Group) if you configured it this way, then create the Quality Association in relation with the Quarantine Order instead of the Purchase Order-Product Receipt.
If automatic quarantine is not needed then take the parameter out of the item model group and your scenario should work.